Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shudhu Tomaye Bhebe Bhebe - "I keep thinking about you" - BENGALI SONG

Its good fun to jam with a good ol’ microphone after a real long time and happen to sing your favorite song, this one is a Bengali song originally sung by Shubhamita Banerjee (

Here goes the song –
Shudhu Tomaye Bhebe Bhebe
Koto Din Raat Gechhe Boye
Tumi Eshei Chole Gechho
Shudhu Bhorer Swopno Hoye

“I have been thinking about you all day and night
But you seem to drift away like a morning dream”

Tumi Na Lekha Kono Kobitaye
Jeno Onek Bola Kotha
Tumi Dogdho Diner Pore
Neel Raater Nirabota
Tumi Na Pawa Jontrona
Aaj Amar Gechhe Shoye

“You are my words, not written down in any poem
You be the silent night, after a burning daylight
You are the pain I am yet to feel
But I can leave with it….”

Tumi Brishti Thamar Pore
Bheja Shukher Rinirin
Tumi Choitro Shesher Jhore
Jeno Domka Hawaar Din
Tumi Mithye Protisruti
Aami Bedayi Buke Niye

“You be the happiness after the rain
The silent day after the raging storm
You are the myth….
I carry in my heart”

Video Courtesy - Youtube
Video created by Chondryma
Cover sung by Chondryma

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