Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Yatra Diary...: 'One Picture From My Photo Album' Contest!

CAPTION - "A frame of dream dipped in reality" - The sight of Telstra Tower

Down the memory lane ~

Even though we never heard an Australian weatherbee shout “MONSOOOOON” (Australia has 4 seasons only), we could still call it a monsoon day with light drizzles on our car window as we drove past Goulburn. Reminded me of those days spent in Ooty or the holidays in Coorg (in Southern India). 

Driving at 100 kmph with Kishore Kumar songs being played on the CD, added quite a charm to the drive. It was 4:45 P.M. and we were driving back from Sydney after completing our rehearsals for the upcoming Kishore Kumar concert in which I am the lead female vocalist to perform.

I always adore the scenic drive from Sydney to Canberra with lush greens around and crystal blue sky above, spotting one or two kangaroos (if you are lucky) and treating your eyes to the sight of windmills erect on the rocky terrains. You can also find miles and miles of eucalyptus trees running past your driveway.

If your are driving early at sunrise, it is enchanting to catch a glimpse of the hot air balloons floating around the sun creating THE Magical Moment to witness.

But honestly, for me, the major attraction of the drive always been the glance of Telstra Tower as we approach Canberra. I have captured Telstra tower in all behavior and colors, but always wanted to shoot a picture I can treasure for years - a picture close to my heart - a picture of a dream turned reality - and never knew it was this day I will be lucky to have my "frame of dream dipped in reality".

History ~

To torch the history, Telstra Tower was originally named Telecom Tower, however locally it was simply known as Black Mountain Tower. Black Mountain is a sensitive and stunning part of the Canberra environment, a national park of significant interest in the ecological world with its unique collection of flora and fauna. 

Apart from being important as the transmitting station for Canberra television services and FM broadcasting services, and as a base station for other radio communication facilities, Telstra Tower is a key station in trunk communications for Canberra, and an important node in the intercapital broadband network. It is also important in respect of television relaying, catering for up to 5 simultaneous interstate relays as well as national regional relays from Sydney and Melbourne and relays originating in Canberra.

This magnificent structure cost $16 million to build and attracts 430,000 visitors per year.

The magic moment ~

As we approached closer to the tower lookout, we had to pull over on the side to witness the magic – witness the cloud cuddle the tower in its arm. It was one of a kind and we never saw anything similar before. It was the most mesmerising feeling hubby and I had to appreciate the nature and His creation. Though we could not manage a decent capture from the drive way / highway, we had to rush to a prime spot to find the perfect shot and here it is a moment to treasure - "The dreamy tower"

And end to a perfect day in a perfect way !!!!

Hubby and I were the lucky ones to witness the Synergy created by the aura of the Telstra Tower peeping through the clouds – The photo was clicked around May 2011 while we were driving from Sydney to Canberra and witnessed the Black Mountain in ecstasy.

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