Sunday, June 30, 2013

DIY Indian Pearl Earring drop - simple yet elegant

Aspired by the DIY ideas on pinterest - I wanted to take up a completely new project for this weekend. And walla, here I pick something fresh ....
                  ...... my weekend project - simple yet elegant Indian Pearl earring - made at home with ease.

This is a lovely DIY project which you can wear for yourself or gift it to your family & friends.
And guess what I did to the ones I made - gifted to my best friends for their birthday :-)

This is a very basic design for beginners and I hope to share with you few other ideas as I create them.
For now, here goes your 5 simple steps to make your own Indian pearl drop -

Things you need (I shopped them from Spotlight) -
2 Headpins
6 Beads
2 Earring wires
  1. Take small amount of beads (I used 3 with 3 different sizes) and put them on the headpin
  2. Keep 1 centimeter on the top of the headpin and then cut with the sharp part of your pliers.
  3. Take flat nose pliers and in the part at the end of where you cut it, curl it around one time.
  4. Take the earring wire and open the circle with your pliers.
  5. Hook the earring circle onto it and close up the circle on the earring wire.
Isn't that simple? - Now try yours and do not forget to share your elegant pearl drop DIY with me.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

"BRINGING INDIA HOME" - My home tour I

A beautiful house is every women’s dream – a house where the family comes together to share special bonds, a house where memories are created & re-created, a house to share love with someone special, a house to re-live your dreams, a house you can truly call “amaader baari” (our home)…. As my husband and I embarked on this new journey to get closer to our dreams, we built our abode of love this year holding each other’s hand. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, rests our dream abode “Snehalok” (meaning light of love).

The underlying theme behind each décor in the house was vibrancy and color – so we started filling the lounge room was vibrant colors, red being the primary theme. We used Indian traditional-looking wooden furniture in contrast with the modern-style couch in blood red. Old styled vase, brass antiques, silver pots, jewel-beaded lamps and Turkish kilim rugs were used to reflect vibrancy in the room.

The Lounge Room:

Our Buddha corner in the lounge:

An essence of "light of love" is the bond shared between Radha and Krishna – and symbolically to rejoice over the resonance of true love, you can find peacock feather all over our lounge, living and master bed.

And how can Ganpati Bappa not be there on our living space:

The sun-kissed morning space is shared between the three of us with our cuppa of chai - my husband, I and our lucky bamboo.

Another favorite corner of the house is shared with Rabindranath and my gitobitan (collection of Rabindra Sangeet, songs written by Rabindranath Tagore). We have recently purchased a french chalk-board, quite an antique one, which we use to write a Rabindra Sangeet each day - songs based on mood, weather or month - after all, Tagore's songs are plenty to choose from!

Again an embodiment of love portrayed in peacock-feather colors in our master-bed.

The master-bed:

And when it comes to the choice of paintings I would love to have at my house - my preference always takes lead on Dithi's art ( and on Rajasthani paintings. Dithi is a very talented artist whom I have known through her blogs for quite sometime now. And with the news of my dream home, here she sent her wishes along with Ganpati Bappa to look after my house while we stay at work.

Another unique theme for our decor is BnB - Brass n Bengal, which you can find in almost all corner of our house. To dazzle the space with our light of love, we do prefer an amalgamation of perfumed candles with the traditional oil-lit brass diyas (Indian lamp). And being a bong, you can find Bengal in our kitchen to corridor. So our home is never complete without seeking blessings from Maa Durga and Sree Krishna.

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