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"Krishnachandrer Pishimar Lau Chingri" - The aunt who cooked bottlegourd with shrimp

Have you heard of the Gopal Bhar story when he tricks Maharaj Krishnachandrer Pishima (King Krishnachadra’s aunt) to win a bet upon Maharaj and earn money from her? Pishima was thrifty but stingy by nature and everyone knew this in the kingdom. So Maharaj decided to place a challenge on Gopal Bhar’s wit and wisdom. He was asked to trick Pishima and earn money from her. Gopal agreed.

He went to Pishima’s house and explained her how badly he was missing Pishima’s ranna (Aunt’s cooking). Further requested her to cook for him that night. Pishima said she cannot visit the market but will feed him with whatever could be arranged at home. Gopal nodded with a smile. He took leave from Pishima only to return back at night for dinner.

Once Gopal left, Pishima went to the kitchen and found Lau (bottlegourd) in the pantry – Lau, being every Bengali’s favorite, Pishima decided to cook Lau ghonto for Gopal. 

Let me tell you here, Pishima was bidhoba (widow) and hence she would cook and eat only vegetarian. Those days, for a widow, it was considered a sin to even have touched anything that is considered a non-veg. 

 It was time for dinner, and Gopal arrived with a bag full of fried kucho-chingri (shrimps) hidden in his pocket. As he sat to eat, Pishima served him with his favourite Lau ghonto. Gopal asked Pishi to get him some water to drink and meanwhile mixed few fried shrimps in the lau ghonto Pishi served. After Pishi returned with water, he mentioned that she had prepared the yummiest of Lau-chingri he ever had! Pishi was confused on that statement and asked Gopal what he meant by that! 

Gopal showed the shrimps in the Lau ghonto and called it a Lau-chingri delicacy. Pishi felt ashamed of her negligence & bribed Gopal with some money only to keep it a secret and not tell anyone. 

On discovering the news, Maharaj rewarded Gopal for his sheer intelligence.

Now, I was reading my childhood “Gopal Golpo Samagra” (Collection of Gopal Bhar stories), and cooking Pishima’s Lau Chingri for my weekend. How was your weekend?

You can get a glimpse of the tale as narrated by Angel Video here Gopal Bhand and Kipte Pisi

Video Courtesy – Angel Videos

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