Monday, November 12, 2012

Choddo Baati and Choti Diwali

It’s a good day today to start blogging again – it’s Naraka Chaturdashi commonly called “Choddo Baati” in Bengali …. Time to remember our ancestors, time to pray, time to thank them to have laid the foundation of your culture and family tradition on which you stand today.

On the eve of Deepavali and Kali Pujo, Bengalis have the tradition to light 14 lamps in remembrance of 14 forefathers of the family. Also, have seen mum cooking Choddo Shaak for the day – 14 varieties of leafy greens cooked in different methods.

Well 14 varieties of dishes on a working day is not a very good idea so I settled in for 14 lamps and the Puja in the evening.

Tradition is to light clay diyas (14 of them) in front of God. Hubby questions “And do you not offer sweets?” Well…. Any of his celebration or Puja doesn’t complete without sweets so I am off to make some…..

Happy Naraka Chaturdashi, Dhanteras and Choti Deepavali to all ~

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