Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bhalobashi Bhalobashi - A tribute to Tagore !!

This is a Rabindrasangeet written and composed by “Rabindranath Tagore”
Rabindrasangeet is always sung with less instrumentation and only the vocal plays the magic.

So here goes my humble attempt on this lovely composition and a tribute to Rabindranath Tagore on his 152nd birthday.

Lyrics -

Bhalobashi Bhalobashi –
(I love… I love…)

Ei shure kachhe dure jole sthole bajaye baashi!!
(The tune of the flute that is near-far, in land-water everywhere!!)

Aakashe kaar buker maajhe byetha baaje
(It’s the echo of the heart that pains in the midst of the sky)

Digonte kaar kaalo aakhi aakhir jole jaye bhaashi!!
(I sail across those tears of the black eyes in the sky)

Bhalobashi Bhalobashi –
(I love… I love…)

Shei shure sagorkule badhon khule
(In the same tune, on the seashore, without any barriers)

Atol rodon uthe dule
(The incessant cry rises high at a tide)

Shei shure baaje mone okaarone
(The same tune prevails in my heart, I don’t know why)

Bhule jaowa gaaner baani
(The words of the song were forgotten)

Bhola diner kadon-haashi!!
(The laughter and tears of bygone days)

Bhalobashi Bhalobashi –
(I love… I love…)

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